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Any unfunded athletes can use this search to find a participating SMA member in your area. The members below are waiting for you to contact them directly and discuss your requirements.*

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You can enter in the search box below any of the displayed details to filter this search.
*If  you unable to find an SMA member on this directory in your location and would like our help finding a therapist in your area please email Road2Sucess@thesma.org and we will try and match you with an SMA member 

Third party marketing and product companies are respectfully asked not to use this directory listing for the purpose of contacting any SMA Road2Success Sponsors for the purpose of marketing their services.  Any third party company wishing to offer any services to SMA members should contact membership@thesma.org

SMA Road2Success Athlete Sponsorship Programme

Many SMA Members generously donated their time and skills to support the London 2012 Olympic Games, London 2012 Paralympic Games, Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games and 2015 Baku European Games and know the tremendous contribution that Sports Massage made to the performance of our athletes. 

Unbelievably Rio 2016 has now been and gone and SMA Members supported many unfunded athletes in their preparation. We would now like to extend the sponsorship programme and offer support to any unfunded athletes who hope to compete for their country in the future. As we know very top athletes benefit from funding which includes medical, physical therapy and coaching support--athletes further down the pecking order however can find themselves in a very difficult situation having to almost entirely self fund. 

This is where our members believe we can help an athlete in the most practical way possible - with our skills.

By searching this directory Athletes' can access the details of SMA members who are prepared to offer their services as Performance Soft Tissue Therapists at a discounted rate. 

Athletes looking for future selection at any Summer or Winter Elite competition are welcome to contact participating members for Soft Tissue Therapy sponsorship.

Map of Participating SMA Member Sponsors

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