SMA Membership Levels

Membership of The SMA is open to all Sports Massage Practitioners and Soft Tissue Therapists holding a qualification recognised by the SMA as containing all the necessary elements required to meet our Core Standards requirement. click here to read qualification requirements.

There are four levels of membership within the association:
  • Student Member: currently studying for a recognised sports massage or soft tissue therapy qualification
  • Associate Member: open to Soft Tissue Therapists without an SMA recognised qualification. Members at this level are subject to a personal assessment before they can be accepted as Full Members.
  • Graduate Member: is a Full Member status during their first year post qualification: MSMA  
Open to Student Members once graduated at a cost of £50 for your first year as a Full Member (non-student members joining as a Graduate Member pay £50 + £50 joining fee = £100, if the application is made within six months of qualifying; after that date the Full Member rate is payable)
  • Full Member: holding a recognised qualification: MSMA.  
  • Fellowship: awarded by the membership in recognition for advancing our industry: FSMA
The Full Membership category is further subdivided into Bronze, Silver and Gold members. These levels indicate the level of experience members have gained post qualification. Details of each level are shown below.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) assessment : Every full member is required to provide evidence of continued professional development as a condition of their membership of the SMA. The minimum requirement for all members is 30 hours per annum or a minimum of 60 hours over a two year period.  Members who have not completed this requirement will have their membership status downgraded. i.e. a member with 4 years experience post graduation with less than than the required CPD record will be downgraded from Silver status to Bronze status

Members who through their CPD record can evidence advanced involvement in our industry may be eligible for an upgrade to a membership status one level higher than the level indicated by time since graduation. Continual Professional Development credits toward membership status can be gained by evidencing: conference attendance, event work - amateur sport, charity or at elite level, first aid courses : basic and advanced, mentoring, professional association work, acquiring new or additional qualifications,reading journals, articles and new publications, teaching: preparation and delivery on recognised courses, writing: articles, blogs, case studies, reference books and teaching materials.

The general public are able to view a Full Member's status level within their Public Members Directory listing.

Full Member with no further status:
Members with a recognised qualification with less than one years post qualification experience

Full Member with Bronze status:
Members with a recognised qualification, between one and four years post qualification experience and a CPD record of 40 hours per annum on average (note: this CPD requirement does not apply during the first year post graduation)

Full member with Silver status:
Members with a recognised qualification, between four and eight years post qualification experience and a CPD record of 40 hours per annum on average

Full member with Gold status:
Members with a recognised qualification, more than eight years post qualification experience and a CPD record of 40 hours per annum on average

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