logbook Requirements 

The SMA only accepts applications for membership from students who are studying, or Therapists who have completed, Soft Tissue Therapy/Sports Massage courses and who can also meet our logbook requirements.

  • Student studying at SMA accredited schools will already meet the logbook requirements
  • Courses at Level 4 requiring students to record a minimum 100 hour log book of practice treatments. (Up to 50 hours can be completed at Level 3 with the balance of 100 hours being completed at Level 4)
  • Courses at Level 5 must include a minimum 25 hours of case studies with a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 treatment sessions per case study.
The links below will take you to documents which you can utilise in producing your logbook evidence for joining the SMA

  • Guidance notes on preparing your logbook and (if applicable) case studies: Click here
  • The summary logbook: Click here
  • The SMA new client Consultation Form: Click here
  • The SMA subsequent treatments consultation form: Click here




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