Overseas Qualifications

Currently there is no reciprocal recognition of sports massage qualifications between countries and this recognition is unlikely in the foreseeable future. The reasons include significant variation in training standards between individual countries and perhaps lack of a national standard, e.g, in the USA where each state sets its own standard. 

The SMA nevertheless encourages qualified overseas applicants to apply to join the Association recognising that there are excellent overseas qualifications and worthy practitioners.

Before making an application to join the SMA we advise applicants to contact us to discuss their individual situation. From that we may request or advise:
  • An application to the National Recognition Information Centre for the United Kingdom (UK NARIC) for comparison of a qualification and advice of a close equivalent UK qualification. NARIC  only  compare national qualifications so, as referred to in the above example, they do not compare USA state qualifications against UK qualifications.
  • Submission of qualification documents and associated information including a personal CV.
  • Submission of supporting professional references from overseas or from within the UK.
  • Taking the SMA entrance exam or attending for a personal assessment.
  • All overseas applications are of necessity individually appraised but it is aimed to give a membership decision or suggest a pathway to membership within two months of application.  




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