SMA Entrance Examination

The normal route for Full SMA membership is through holding an acceptable qualification, see Qualification Requirements. However, the Association recognises that practitioners may sometimes have acquired sufficient knowledge and skills in sports massage through other routes. Accordingly the Association offer the opportunity to those practitioners to demonstrate that they are competent to meet the minimum requirements for Full Membership entry to the SMA.

The SMA entrance examination is offered in London as frequently as is necessary to meet demand. We aim for applicants to be able to attend and complete the examination progress in one day within two months of application and be notified of the outcome within two to three weeks of completion.

The entry components for the examination comprise:

Completion of a written application form, a two hour written paper, a practical scenario and viva, evidence of CPD and a current First Aid certificate. In addition each candidate shall submit a 50 hour practice logbook and associated case study.

The fee for the entrance examination is £275.00.

In exceptional circumstances demonstrated for example by; qualification, experience and supporting referees the SMA may offer a personal assessment to overseas applicants. A personal assessment is offered at the SMA's discretion only and is not available by application.


The Information Pack incorporates; full details of the entrance components and requirements, a sample examination paper and the examination application form.


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